Buying & Pricing - Diamond Jewellery

Tips To By Diamond Jewellery

When buying a diamond, people often make the mistake of choosing the wrong setting to mount the stone or going over the budget to get a diamond that could very well be bought at less price. The reason is limited or no knowledge about the diamond and ways to select one that would complement the buyer’s want and requirements.

Usually, buyers also end up feeling overwhelmed while shopping of these precious stones due to a few complexities and intricacies related to diamonds and their grading scales. So, it becomes essential for every shopper to conduct thorough research before they hop onto their diamond buying journey because they might end up paying more for not-so-brilliant stone.

Why Do You Want To Buy The Diamond?

It might seem like an unreasonable question, but its answer will determine what kind, shape, cut, and carat diamond you must choose from a cluster of diamonds available in front of you. Predominantly, people buy diamonds only on big occasions to celebrate their promotion, a marriage, a grand family ceremony, or for gifting purpose.

If your reason to shop for this precious stone is to celebrate a professional milestone, then choosing a simple round shaped diamond would do the trick. In case, you’re searching for a perfect diamond necklace for your mother, then opting for oval or pear-shaped diamond will give the jewellery a modern touch as well as high clarity. And if you are looking forward to proposing to your lady love, there is no better diamond ring than a solitaire.

Note: Always consider the occasion before finalizing on the diamond type, shape, cut, and carat. Half the work is done if you’re clear about why you want to buy a diamond and for whom

Set Limit For Your Diamond Purchase

The second most important decision to make while buying precious diamond stones is to set a budget and stick to it. You can read through our 4Cs of diamond guide to know how cut, colour, clarity, and carat determines the price of a diamond stone.

Now, if you have gone through the 4Cs, you’ll know that carat of the diamond fixes its price, but a lower a weight with brilliant-cut can still be expensive because a diamond’s 4Cs work in unison. That is why you need to set a budget and follow it without any rollbacks to ensure that you pick out the diamond jewellery that has a brilliant-cut, outstanding clarity, nil or invisible colour spots, and required carat weight.

Let’s take an example of an emerald cut diamond. Now, the shape of this diamond makes it extremely brilliant with high sparkle and original clarity, translating the fact that this diamond falls under a high budget purchase. However, if you buy a lower carat of emerald-cut stone, around 0.95 or 0.99, you won’t be able to identify the 0.1-carat difference and the stone will look pretty and humongous in the jewellery setting.